POE sediment filter

POE sediment filter

Water should not contain sediments

Suspended solids, sand particles and rust in your water are some of the main causes of damage to home appliances. A filter, placed on the incoming main pipe, is an efficient way to address this problem.

Our Softena SOF-POE-1 and SOF-POE-2 backwas- hable sediment filters get that job efficiently and reliably.

Our Softena sediment filters:

  • Extend the life of household appliances.
  • Do not require any maintenance.
  • Should only be flushed periodically (manually for SOF-POE-1; automatically for SOF-POE-2) and does not need any replacements.
  • Filter all physical particles larger than 0.1 mm out of the water.
  • Have a long lifespan thanks to the stainless steel filter and robust construction with brass filter head.