For a real sense of comfort

Pure water is always soft. The water that comes out of the faucet, you will want soft also for cleaning, bathing, and heating.

That hardness and impurities can be reduced with the water softeners and filters of Softena.

Consider coffee with soft water. Softened water gives a fuller and stronger coffee flavor. If you wash clothes with hard water, they will feel rough and harsh to the skin. Therefore washing machines have a separate compartment for fabric softener.

The hardness of the water is not the only problem.

All fresh water on earth comes from rain and rain water is basically pure, but during its journey on the surface and in the underground there are plenty of impurities. Two of these impurities – the minerals calcium and magnesium – make the water hard. Other contaminants – sediment, rust particles, sand, iron, manganese, pesticides, chemicals – may constitute a threat to your skin and your health.

… and performance

Think of how many times you come into contact with water. You may assume that the quality of the tap water is OK. But is that true everywhere?

Softena offers high-performance solutions: our water softeners, iron filters, sediment filters, drinking water systems and RO drinking water purifiers are designed according to the latest technology, provide the best perfor- mance and guarantee a maximum comfort.

Do your wallet a favor!

With soft water, the lifespan of appliances and sanitary fixtures can be extended. Besides that you avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs.

With soft water, you save up to 50% on all sorts of products such as detergents and cleaning products.