Water conditioning at its best: 1 system with 5 functions

Water can contain many elements. The most common impurities in well water is water hardness but also or- ganic matter can affect the quality of the water. The Softena Multimix uses a revolutionary multipurpose filter media that effectively and efficiently treats 5 common problems found in municipal and well water supplies.

Our Softena Multimix:

  • The Multimix ensures great quality, colorless and soft water for consumption or sanitary use and, of course, for all other purposes.
  • Removes the hardness minerals calcium (Ca2) and magnesium (Mg2) from the water.
  • Filters iron (Fe2) and manganese (Mn2) that may affect the color of the water.
  • Filters out ammonia (NH4, that is dissolved in water) and organic matter from the water.
  • Only require minimal maintenance.