Water softeners

It’s more fun with soft water

Not every family member drinks coffee or shaves. But we all take a bath or shower. The water softeners by Softena provide extra comfort. The Softena SOF-CS- Eco is the standard model and is perfectly suited to soften municipal water. The SOF-CS-Eco+ is the pre- ferred solution to soften water from sources other than the municipal tap water.

The SOF-BBS-Eco water softeners do the same but are suitable for tight spaces and can easily be installed under the sink.

Our Softena water softeners:

  • Prevent scale build-up and improve the taste of the drinking water and the overall quality of the household water.
  • Reduce the use of cleaning and polishing products.
  • Are easy to program (Eazy software)
  • Have a separate salt lit that makes adding salt very easy.