Wholehouse filter

Trust perfectly filtered water

Cooking, drinking, brushing, bathing … Water plays a vital role everywhere in our house and in our body. Many elements can affect the taste and odor
of water: sand or rust particles but also chemical elements (such as chlorine), remnants of pesticides or herbicides … There is an efficient solution: the wholehouse filter SOF-WHF-AC is placed on the main pipeline and guarantees water comfort throug- hout the entire house

The Softena wholehouse filters:

  • Improve taste, color and odor of the water we use.
  • Filter out all particles larger than 40 μm and prolong the lifespan of water-using appliances.
  • Do not require any maintenance and no filter replacement is needed.
  • Are equipped with the latest technology.
  • Are known for their robust and durable construction.

whole house filter